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The Tenacious K9

Training & Behavioral Specialist

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Est. 2019 - Salem, Oregon

About The Tenacious K9

At The Tenacious K9, we believe every dog and human are unique and the training plan should be too. All training sessions are done one on one so both human and dog can reach their fullest potential.

Our goal is to help humans and dogs live harmoniously with one another. We teach the human how to better read and understand their dog, be their advocate and how to "speak" their language. 

We work with all breeds and ages of dogs. Ranging from the smallest Yorkie to the biggest Mastiff. And teach everything from basic puppy obedience to behavior modification.


We are always learning and adjusting techniques to better serve clients and their dogs.

Why Choose Us?

We are a local, woman owned business. All of our training is focused on the individual we are working with and teaching both dog and human how to communicate with each other. We believe in a balanced and fair approach to dog training. Because everything is one on one, we can create personal relationships with clients and truly care about your success.



Puppies and dogs with little to no previous training and need help with basic problem behaviors.


Covers: sit, down, recall, leave-it, jumping, barking, crate training, leash training and more.

Dogs who have a solid foundation started. Focus is on proofing commands in high distraction, and fading out training aids.

Dogs with moderate to severe behavioral issues such as: leash reactivity/aggression, resource guarding, fearful or anxious, and problems in a multidog household.

Includes basic/advanced obedience.

We offer AKC evaluations both for clients and non-clients.

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) is the most common evaluation to be done. It consists of 10 sections. The CGC is a great starting point and goal for all dogs. Especially those moving towards being service or therapy dogs.

Packages and Pricing


Single 90 minute session

Starting at $260

Four 60 minute sessions

($65/session. 4 session minimum)

Starting $300*

 Four 60 minute sessions

($75/session. Four session minimum)

*Price varies for behavior modification. Contact for exact pricing.*


What People are Saying About Us


"Emily is literally the best trainer. She adjusts to you and your pups needs. I had an amazing experience working with Emily. I still remember the first day of training I thought 'oh no, my dog is never going to learn anything.' I was 100% wrong. She has saved me many, many, times and I am more than grateful for her knowledge and passion for dogs. Thank you Emily!!!!!"

Brittany Z.

"The best experience for my dog ever! Moose was literally too afraid to step out of the car to meet Emily, after only a couple weeks he started to grow and learn to trust me. Moose had trouble with motivation; Emily always had a solution to keep him engaged and learning. Moose has much more confidence, as do I. I appreciate everything Emily taught me to help Moose grow. Emily is a true balanced trainer and tries everything to help your dogs, Emily literally caters to the dog and owner in front of her and treats each client as an individual. I would recommend her to anyone, with any dog and any concern/problem. Absolutely loved working with her!"

Autumn N.

"Emily is a gifted trainer. She is easy to work with and flexible. Buddy is reactive to other dogs and the progress he's made with Emily is incredible. She is a great cheerleader for both dog and owner. Can't recommend Emily highly enough. Her fees are reasonable and she is very reliable. We couldn't be happier with Emily and her crew."

Dawn Alisa S.

Common Questions

What is your service area?

My primary service are is Salem/Keizer city limits. I do offer training outside this area, however, there are additional fees and subject to availability.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, checks, or Zelle. I do not take Cashapp or Venmo.

What is the difference between obedience training and behavior modification?

Obedience training includes teaching the dog: sit, down, recall, heel, etc.

Behavior modification is for problem behaviors such as: resource guarding, reactivity and separation anxiety. Part of behavior modification is obedience training, but it goes beyond that. Behavior modification works on retraining the dog's brain to respond appropriately in triggering situations. Think of it has rehab for your dog.

What age should my puppy start training?

Training starts the day you bring them home. They are constantly learning and figuring out what the rules and expectations are. Being a young puppy, their brains are sponges and they accept everything as normal. 

For formal training, if they are not fully vaccinated they should not be going out to places where other unknown dogs have been. However, because I offer in-home training, we can start right away. 

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