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  • Emily Ralls

10 Tips for Helping Your Dog Through the Summer Heat

Hey everyone! With this heat wave coming through I will be keeping in touch about sessions.

Today (Tuesday 7/26/22) I am not meeting with any clients due to the heat. My clients who have to travel to me, train outside, or are scheduled in the heat of the day are highest risk. Plus, no one wants to do anything when it’s an oven outside.

Keep reading for tips and products to help your dog this summer!

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Tips for dealing with the heat and keeping your dog safe:

1. Stay indoors during the heat of the day

2. Protect those paws with booties.

I prefer Ruffwear. They are dependable, great fit, and offer protection year-round.

**Note that Ruffwear sells their boots in sets of 2. Dog's front paws and back paws are typically different sizes. For the best fit, measure both the front and the back and purchase accordingly. (The easiest way to measure a paw is have your dog stand on a piece of paper and draw a line on either side of their foot. Then measure the distance)**

Another option for paw protection is wax. Musher's Secret is a great option for this. It also helps protect paws during the winter. You can find it on both Amazon and Chewy.

3. Do the 7 second test with your hand. If it's too hot to hold the back of your hand on the asphalt for 7 seconds, its too hot for your dog's paws.

4. When possible have your dog walk on grass

5. Access to cold, fresh water. Adding ice-cubes is a great way to keep it cool. If there is an outside water dish, move it out of the sun and check the temperature often.

6. Create frozen dog treats

Kong and AKC both have simple recipes. Get creative. You can find countless other recipes online!

7. Know the signs for heat stroke, especially in short nosed breeds

8. Don’t leave your dog in a hot car. Even just for a “few minutes”. They are more susceptible to heatstroke and cars heat up FAST.

9. Bring in those outside dogs. Extreme temperatures are dangerous, even if they are used to being outdoors.

10. Get a cooling mat, cooling vest, kiddie pool, or splash pad to help you dog cool off!

It is normal for dogs to stop eating in high heat. Humans do too. As long as your dog is drinking water, not throwing up, and going to the bathroom normal, they will be fine. I have several dogs who stop eating during heat waves. Once it passes or late at night, they start eating again. If you are concerned, call your vet!

Disclaimer: The above are based off my own opinions and experience and should be treated as such. I am not a licensed groomer, nutritionist or veterinarian.


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