• Emily Ralls

New Puppy Shopping List

Updated: Jul 29

piebald chocolate cream dachshund puppy

Shopping for a new puppy can be both exciting and daunting. I have put together a list of the basics every puppy needs.

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Dogs have different toy preferences (ball, rope, stuffed toy etc). You can buy a variety of toys to start with, see what your pup prefers and go from there. Toys should be size appropriate, if you wonder if it’s too small, it probably is. Always watch for pieces that are broken off or torn off, including stuffing. If a small part comes off, it's time to throw that part away and examine if the whole toy is ready to be retired. It's important to remember a determined dog can destroy just about anything. Some toys are stronger than others, but eventually, they all break down.

These are some of my dog's favorite toys:

Fluff and Tuff toys are always a winner at my house. They are durable stuffed animals with an anti puncture squeaker. We have one that has lasted us 4 years. It is in rough shape, but still a solid toy. Rope and tire toys are great for puppies who love tug, it also gives them something rubber to chew on. The spiky, squeaky balls are one of my dogs' favorites but one of my least favorite. They are great for fetch, but they have a very loud squeaker. I am never sad when the squeaker finally goes out in this toy.

For a change of sound, crinkle toys are always a win with my dogs. They enjoy that it makes noise when being shaken and are great for games of tug too! Lastly is the Jolly Ball. Jolly Ball have super tough toys. My border collie loves his. He will herd it around the yard and play for hours. They have different color and size options for any puppy.

For chews, appropriate hardness, puppies do not have their strong adult teeth yet real bones are too hard for their puppy mouths. Nylabone and Kong are great brands for young puppies. Always supervise dogs and puppies with new toys/chews. Edible chews are also a great option. The puppy can consume it and it will break down completely in their system (unlike rawhide). My dogs LOVE pig ears, bully sticks and yak cheese.

Yak cheese and bully sticks are good for edible chews. Yak cheese in particular lasts a decent

amount of time and does not smell (unlike some of the other chews)

Classic Kongs have a lot of uses. They are great for stuffing and freezing. It helps soothe sore gums, occupy the puppy, work their brain and can teach them to self soothe.

Check out Kong's website for stuffing ideas! I use Nylabone for teething puppies. The bumpy rubber helps with teething, they can be frozen and come in edible versions.

*Always supervise your puppy with any chews/treats/toys to prevent choking.